French Inspired Hand Forged Skillet and Gratin Baker Collection

Our Skillets

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. We use the finest materials to produce our gorgeous, lifetime guaranteed cookware.

“Some people think it just makes them a better cook”

It's an incredible experience for me. The exquisite design of your French-inspired carbon steel cookware makes me a better cook. I can be guaranteed the same results every time I cook with your beautiful collection of skillets and gratin bakers. This lasting cookware will get handed down and bring my recipes to life for many generations.
S T LéGray
S.T. LéGray


French-inspired cookware that provides extra depth with a balanced handle long enough for easy tossing food when cooking.

Exquisite Results

Beautiful recipes come to life when cooking with carbon steel. Use it on any stovetop, grill, or open flame. It can take any amount of heat you dish out.

Achieve Perfection

Some recipes need extreme heat to develop texture and  flavor.

Seafood Paella

French Skillet & Gratin Baker

Hand Forged

Hand Forged 
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The Bleu Forged Skillet Story

A hard-working blacksmith has to eat, right? A favorite meal around here is a perfectly cooked steak with an egg, sunny side up. Our French-inspired carbon steel skillet is the result of wanting the perfect pan for the perfect steak & egg and a whole lot more.

The first taste told us we had designed a winning carbon steel skillet, thus began our French-inspired Bleu Forged Skillet pan and gratin baker. They’re beautifully balanced, cook food to perfection, and made to last for generations. It wasn’t long before everyone wanted one too, which we’re very grateful!

Where to Shop for Our Cookware Collection

Bleu Forged Skillet has partnered with Mitty’s Metal Art, our blacksmith studio, and with an amazing family-owned company, Old World Kitchen by Polder’s Old World Market, where they carry our line of French-inspired carbon steel cookware collection. 

Their farm and marketplace offer old-world edibles, kitchen + dining goods, original art, and vintage housewares, including lovely copper pieces. We are beyond thrilled for them to offer our complete collection of skillets and gratin bakers.

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